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Down the memory lane

    • Established as 'All Island Three Wheeler Drivers' welfare Association' in the year 2002.
    • It was launched as a pilot project bone in Colombo district. Initially it was confined to mobilizing service-providers and organizing them in to society. Later it was extended, that participation of all the societies to establish the major society.
    • By organizing awareness programs and workshops the society started to educate its membership.
    • Road safety,positive thinking.
    • Through the secretarial of national productivity organize programs on productivity.
    • First aid training programs.
    • Contributing actively which led to establish a bureau for the three-wheeler transport on the year 2004 in the western province.Which was Gazette as No. 1276/15 on 2003 February 20
    • Successfully Campaigning to introduce regulations relevant to three-wheelers in to the Motor Traffic Act.Which was Gazette as No. 1821/31 on 2013 July 31
    • Submitting a slate of proposals when the Ministry of Environment introduces the policy on air-pollution.
    • Protesting through judiciary action against the discriminatory ban on two-stroke three-wheeler.
    • Successfully plan , Organizing and provide three-wheelers on concessionary price with a view to make the driver himself the owner.
    • Introducing special insurance cover for three-wheeler service-providers.
    • Convened and held the Only national conference with participation of all the relevant Society of three-wheeler service-providers in 2004 January.
    • Joining hands with other social activists and movements to create a self respecting law bidding society (e.g. Movement against bribery and corruption, Movement against child slavery, prisoner welfare society, Private Bus Unions, School children transporting van Union, etc.)
    • Making major contribution to obtain fuel concessions for three-wheelers from the Government on 2005 and again on 2009.
    • Making major contribution to removal of VAT imposed on three-wheeler Which was purches on Leasings.
    • Supporting the actions made on relating to national security.
    • Introducing meters on 2005 January , to three-wheelers in order to attract , protect the commuter and the industry.
    • Introducing uniform to the members.
    • Intervening with a view to upgrade the social status of the three-wheeler driver of whom generally identified as socially-oppressed.
    • providing the leadership to the moments where ever necessary in relation to the affairs of three-wheeler industry.
    • In the beginning around 2007 Few in numbers (around 08) metered 3wheels’ started the service with SMS, other partner when they are Free.
    • 2008 March it was started with incorporating all the vehicle in to a single Calling Center and the customer could use single number to contact and get a 3wheel to his / her door step removing a major obstacle.
    • 2009 with the investment from Mr. Roshan Booso and Mr. Kesara K.Vithan calling center was registered as 3Wheel Lanka (pvt) Ltd. Manage as separate entity.
    • 2010 the association was renamed as

All Island Three Wheel Drives’ Union

      and restructured to cater the changing of ground situation and the needs of 3wheel industry.

Shown that with good intention , a group with commitment and a leader with a vision & mission could achieve grate , exemplary Success for others’ to


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