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News Paper Articals

Category: News Paper Articals

Open vehicles pose danger for children


The Child Development and Women's Affairs Ministry yesterday warned parents to refrain from using trishaws and motorcycles to transport schoolchildren. The Ministry made these remarks following the arrest of a trishaw driver who transported 14 schoolchildren in his vehicle in a dangerous manner.

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Category: News Paper Articals

Vehicles too old, commuters opt for normal service; Govt to aid import of new ones with loan facilities7

By Damith Wickremasekara

The comfort standards of the air-conditioned (AC) private bus services are on the decline, a new survey carried out by the National Transport Commission (NTC) has revealed. The survey is being used to warn some of the operators to withdraw road unworthy vehicles, while others have been given time to improve the overall condition of the buses.

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Category: News Paper Articals

By Nadia Fazlulhaq

Citizens are being increasingly bombarded with noise from just about everywhere, and as a result could suffer from stress and hearing impairment, among a range of physical and psychological problems, say health officials. The noise can come from a variety of sources. It could be community noise, industrial noise, development activity noise, or traffic noise. All these are disturbers of the peace that all citizens are entitled to.

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Category: News Paper Articals

  • Dissatisfied commuters of private bus service on the up
  • NTC launches pilot project of installing GPS to monitor errant drivers

By Damith Wickremasekra

Complaints by private bus commuters to the National Transport Commission (NTC) doubled last year, compared with the previous year, the Commission revealed this week. NTC Chairman Roshan Gunawardena told the Sunday Times that it received more than 40 complaints a day and that most of the complaints were for overcharging, failure to return the balance of the money tendered and being discourteous to commuters.

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