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News Paper Articals

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Category: News Paper Articals


  • More vehicles on limited road network leads to congestion and pollution
  • Emphasis should be on modernising and improving public transport, not facilitating increase in private ownership of vehicles

By Mirudhula Thambiah

Roads are clogged with vehicles, with an average of 1,400 cars, vans, three-wheelers and motorcycles being registered every day. An increasing number of Sri Lankans spend more time on the roads, paying more for fuel, as the number of vehicles on the roads keep increasing. According to the latest statistics, the ratio of vehicles against the population is 1:4, with a staggering 4.4 million vehicles, though the actual number on the roads are less, with some of the registered vehicles not running now.

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Category: News Paper Articals

New regulations will come into effect shortly to ensure that motor vehicles comply with the permissible noise levels specified for vehicle horns in the country. The regulations will enable the Commissioner-General of Motor Traffic to authorise officers of the Department carry out tests to ensure that motor vehicles are maintained to comply with the permissible noise levels.

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Category: News Paper Articals

Owners of buses and lorries will have to replace their blaring horns when vehicle noise pollution laws come into effect, Central Environment Authority Chairman (CEA) Charitha Herath told the Sunday Observer yesterday. He said the CEA was now familiarising traffic policemen and motor traffic officers of the new noise pollution regulations that were gazetted in December 2011. The Motor Traffic Act will also be amended to punish those who violate it.

According to the gazetted laws, vehicle horns cannot exceed a sound limit of 105 decibels at a distance of two metres and 93 decibels at a distance of seven metres, else drivers will be violating the CEA regulations.

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